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The Biker

Filed under: Happiness — David @ 5:18 am October 5, 2016

A attractive man was in line at my work and I ended up having to take care of his business needs. He was very flirty with me and told that he was into serious biking, Motor Cross and that he was also a Leicester escorts companion.

It was kind of funny because he was sharing all of his business with me and most of our customers are pretty quite and discrete. By the end of the transaction he had asked me to go out on a date with him and I told him that I would let him know next time that I see him.

I feel that I should not be discussing this at work but in the same sense it just came in time for my bad breakup after ten years! I will just wait patiently until I see him next time and I feel that he will be coming in more often to see me if he is serious.

Two Week Vacation!

Filed under: Humour — David @ 10:30 am August 16, 2016

I work endless hours and I have been doing so for over five years! My boss just refuses to hire anyone else, so I am one person that is working a job that takes two people. The money is great, the over-time is great but I never have much time to go out and do the things that I like to do.

Lately, I have been wanting to go out of state to visit some relatives that I have not seen for quite some time. I have been hinting around to my boss that I need a weeks vacation. He surprised me yesterday and told me that I can take two weeks off and to be ready to work when I come back.

When I get to my hotel the first night I am going to call the girl that I wannafuck before I do anything else. We met a long time ago and still talk to each other on the phone about once a week.

Summer Boat Parties

Filed under: Music — David @ 7:12 am July 22, 2016

One weekend every year their is a local area where all the boaters meet and have fun for the whole weekend. Many boats tie up to each other or they will drop their anchors for their stay. Boats come just loaded with people ready to get the party started. The bands plays and blast music all day and you can smell the cooking of food all day long.

The boat that we ended up next to was loaded with a bunch of Derby escorts and we all went swimming for the most part of the day. Later that day they pulled out a cooler full of water balloons. I had a slingshot on my boat so we just started shooting water balloons all over the place and at everyone in sight. We had a great time and I have made some new friends!

Not A Funny Matter

Filed under: Dating — David @ 5:27 am July 19, 2016

All my friends still joke with me about the time I found sex in London. It was my first time drinking alcohol in public and I did some things I probably should not have done. The way I look at it is it’s a lesson learned. It is also one lesson I actually learned from. Ever since that happened I make sure to do all my drinking from within my home or a friends home. I am not one for making a fool out of myself because the embarrassment never really goes away for me. Especially when you have friends like mine that give me a constant reminder of it every time they run in to me. Although they think it is funny, I do not find any humor in it what so ever. Not sure if I am just bitter towards the subject still or if it’s just not funny.

Succesful Internet Marketing

Filed under: Internet — David @ 11:31 am July 16, 2016

Millions of people across the globe surf the Internet every single day. As they are surfing, they will click on various ads to buy something. Or they may want some specific product or service. These products and services can be anything and everything, from A to Z. There are online business sites to supply these products and services. In order to beat out the competition, the Internet “savvy” entrepreneur will use escort SEO tools. Search engine optimization simply means that when a customer searches for a specific product or service, by using keyword densities on your business web pages, the customer will arrive at your site before any others. Maximizing search engine results can make or break an online business. Consequently, careful research is done by the Internet business owner on how to get the best search engine results, resulting in high sales volume. Success is yours through search engine optimization!

Shoveling Snow

Filed under: Humour — David @ 9:48 am July 14, 2016

I was out shoveling 5 inches of snow this morning in front of my house and cars were getting stuck everywhere on my street. The neighbors and I helped push out a couple of cars that got stuck going around the corner.

The one woman that I pushed out asked me for my phone number and said that she was going to send me money for helping her. A half hour went by and my phone was ringing with a strange number on it. It was her asking me if I was single and that she was very attracted to me. She went on to tell me that she works for the Nottingham escort agency and wants to go out on a date with me.

I told her to give me a call this weekend and we would go out somewhere. In the past, I have never had something strange like this happen to me.

Off With My Head

Filed under: Relationships — David @ 11:22 am June 28, 2016

My wife is high up in the business that she works for and travels pretty often. Because she is gone so much I get pretty lonely and the kids are always spending the night at their friends house. They are at the age that they do not want to hang out with mom or dad anymore. Mostly too busy with their friends, sports and hanging out at the local public park.

My wife would probably kill me is she knew what I have been up to for about a year. One night I was online and ended up chatting with a very attractive Nottingham escorts female. I offered to take her out for some drinks and we ending up sleeping with each other the very first night. Now I sneak and see her usually about once a week when my wife is too busy to notice that I am even gone!

My welling-meaning mother

Filed under: Parenting — David @ 9:49 am June 27, 2016

My well-meaning mother is always interfering with the illicit fuck buddy encounters of my wife and I. My mother is always telling my wife how to do things, such as how to clean, how to cook, etc. In addition, my mother is always trying to solve the problems of my marriage. I know she means well, but it drives me nuts. This was the case until I put my foot down. We decided we couldn’t be her next-door neighbor anymore, so we moved about 20 minutes away from her. Now that she isn’t living as close as she use to live, our relationship has grown. My wife is pregnant with a baby boy, so everyone is looking foward to the birth of the day. Distance can make all the difference. In some ways I miss being her neighbor, but in other ways, I don’t miss it at all.